JavaMiscellaneous: Thoughts on the collection package

Thoughts on the collection package


any(). setAll(). containsAny().

Addable (Sink)

A superinterface of Collection that only allows to add items, in a way the opposite of Iterator.


Reference variants of these (i.e. the same except that equals (and hashCode) need not be overridden in a specific way)

Indexable (OrderedCollection)

A superinterface of List that allows index access, but adds items implicitly where it wants to (i.e. you cannot/neednt add items at the index you want to). List.add cannot be used for that purpose because it has to insert at the end.


A bidirectional Iterator.

An iterator that keeps track of the current index (compare Indexable), but doesnt (cannot) have all the feature of ListIterator.


MultiSet (Bag)

explicitly, i.e. it has times(Object item) etc.

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